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About us

Borghese Associés is a law firm in Paris, France, founded in 2009.
Our core business is Business law, with a boutique practice in Art law.


Dates and locations of conferences, courses, talks, articles or news related to the activity of the firm, books, exhibitions, TV and radio broadcasts, etc.

Art law

Borghese Associés is one of the few Parisian law firms specializing in Art law. We offer professionals, museum or artistic institutions, collectors, sellers, auction houses, galleries and start-ups a complete range of skills and expertise in counsel and litigation related to their businesses. Since 2017, we have also been developing a range of services specifically dedicated to artists and their families, foundations and start-ups.

Contact us

Borghese Associés is located at 200, boulevard Malesherbes in Paris 17, a stone’s throw from the new Courthouse.


Borghese Associés offers legal services to French and international companies for the development of their businesses and the management of their commercial, employment or criminal litigation. The firm also represents managers and employees facing employment issues or criminal legal action.

Legal Notice
Borghese Associés is a « Selarl » [a professional limited liability company]
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