Borghese Associés advises and assists French and international companies in a variety of litigation related to their activities and represents directors or employees facing legal problems of a criminal nature.

Business law

Borghese Associés practices business law in the fields of company law, employment law, construction law and criminal business law.

Contract law

Borghese Associés has a long experience in negotiation, drafting of contracts and writing terms and conditions of sale.
The firm represents legal departments with regard to consultancy and litigation, in particular assisting and representing companies before the courts in cases of unfair competition, economic parasitism, trademark counterfeiting or contractual disputes.
For cases involving industrial subcontractors, Borghese Associés works with Alain Spilliaert law firm.

Employment law

For companies

Borghese Associés offers advice to small and medium-sized companies as well as large groups when drafting and creating employment contracts (permanent and fixed term), modifying and amending existing employment contracts, employee management contracts, or specific clauses such as those relating to non-competition, so-called golden parachute clauses, provision of employee accommodation, etc.
The firm is also qualified to advise managers in the specific aspects of employment law concerning them and particularly with regard to issues arising when both an employment contract and an employment mandate are held or to any criminal liability incurred as a result of their positions.
The firm supports companies at industrial tribunals and employment chambers of the Courts of Appeal across France.

For employees

Borghese Associés advises and represents employees at the different stages of their career:
– when an employment contract is being negotiated or modified,
– when an employment contract is terminated: preparation of the preliminary interview, possible negotiations.
– Assistance and representation in Courts across France.

Criminal business law

Borghese Associés represents and advises defendants or civil parties throughout criminal proceedings and particularly during the preliminary investigation, in front of the investigating judge and at hearings in front of the magistrates’ court or the court of appeal.
The main areas of litigation in which Borghese Associés works relate to:
– Violation of people: voluntary or involuntary manslaughter, particularly related to road traffic and labor law, endangering others, defense of agents.
– Violation of personal rights: respect for privacy, defamation of character.
– Violation of property: theft, extortion, concealment, fraud, breach of trust, misuse of corporate assets, forgery.
– Criminal offenses specific to employment law: accidents at work, illegal interference, concealed work, harassment, discrimination.
With regard to international criminal proceedings, Borghese Associés works with William Julie law firm.

Construction law

Borghese Associés assists and represents real estate construction companies (companies, developers, architects, social housing landlords) with regard to amicable or contentious procedures.
Its practice relates more specifically to:
. Pre-trial procedures: summons to attend the pre-trial procedure and preparation of the dossier, defining the expert’s brief, representation at the hearing, monitoring of expertise actions, writing claims, consultancy.
. Liability litigation: assistance and representation in court.